Products Lineup

[RED tech+]

* For High-Hardness(~HRc70), high-speed process , high-feed rate
* Optimum technology for high speed and high hardness process
* The Geometry to minimize cutting resistance and chip-ejection
* Excellent abrasion resistance and smooth surface finish
* Special coating to maximize lubrication and wear-resistance
* Upgraded to  a powerful version ! (Previous REDTECH was discontinued)


* Geometry for Stable Cutting
* Wide Range from Semi-finishing to Finishing
* High Performance in a wide variety of tasks
* For High Hardness(~55HRc), High Speed, High Feed rate.

[BLUE tech]

* Optimal for difficult materials such as SUS, Titanium.
* Adopted the new shape for excellent cutting processability.
* Minimized cutting resistance.
* The product uniformity through rigorous management for close tolerance.

[BLACK tech]
* Applied the only DIAMOND coating technology in Korea
* The best flutes for chip-ejection
* Used premium material
* For Graphite process, Glass fiber , carbon fiber, Reinforced plastics

 [SILVER tech]

* Suitable for processing plastics like ABS, acrylic and non-ferrous materials.
* Applied the geometry for finest smooth surface finish
* The flute geometry to reduce chipping

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